Uni-Cart Mobile Carrier System



 For Small footprint Physiotherapy, Endoscopic, Ultrasound Diagnostics, Anesthesia, and many more

The mobile equipment cart Uni-Cart – the right choice where space is at a premium

The single-column Uni-Cart equipment carrier has been developed in a streamlined, discrete design. Deployed where space is restricted, this entry-level model is primarily intended for relatively simple configurations. The basic frame has a load capacity of up to 65 kg / 143 lbs with a choice of four or five stabilizers. Thanks to the variable design of the stabilizers, this equipment cart offers a high level of stability.


Four large twin castors deliver enhanced mobility and easy maneuverability. The open vertical extrusion of this mobile equipment carrier also offers integrated power supply and concealed cable management. Accessory components can also be accommodated.


Uni-Cart also has a further ergonomic benefit with the option of mechanical or electrical height adjustment. The compact miracle in space can be used in a wide range of medical settings, e.g. in endoscopy or patient-monitoring.

Whatever your requirements – we have the suitable product solution! Profit from our extensive experience, our technical expertise and the quality of our products and get an equipment carrier perfectly tailored to your specific application

Uni-Cart Applications

Application Uni-Cart
Hydrosurgery system
Rest ECG
Stress test ECG
Flexible Endoscopy
Mobile power supply
Multiple measurement station
Microcirculatory evaluations
Extrapulmonary lung support
Electro-regenerative therapy (INDIBA Deep Care)



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