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successSuccess Story

Client Faces Frequent Wireless Drops Throughout Health System and Slow Computers with their existing FLO 1750 and FLO 1760 Mobile Carts.

Seneca Data MP-67ASR responded to the need of a large Health System having two locations. Both sites reported frequent wireless signal drops and many dead zones. One of the facilities is less than 10 years old. We quickly determined that the technology inside the FLO 1750 and FLO 1760 mobile carts is about 4 years old and not up to par in wireless capability and running slow. ASR recommended a Mini-PC solution that features current wireless card onboard, an i5 processor, WIN 7 and a 3 year warranty. A custom image created by the client was also loaded on each computer before shipment. ASR custom installed each Mini-PC into their fleet of 125 carts at both sites.


FLO CartsResults:

Both sites have reported 80% less computer related trouble tickets and virtually no drops. The report was that in Q1 of 2011, “there were hundreds of trouble tickets with the technology in their Mobile Carts and in Q1 of 2012, there were only a handful”. The nursing staff was ecstatic with their Computer on Wheels Technology Upgrades and the IT Department was very happy too.







successSuccess Story

Client Has 400+ Mobile Carts Needing New Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner Bracket, Clean and Disinfect….Complete Technology Upgrade.

Upgraded cartASR identified a need for a local client to upgrade the Technology in their fleet of over 400 Mobile Carts. In the process, we totally disinfected, replaced handles and added Handheld Scanner Brackets. This Health System mostly purchased these Mobile Carts in 2006 and 2007. They were dated, looked terrible and some had issues with casters, pneumatic cylinders and were covered with tape and stickers. ASR proposed a complete refresh and Technology Upgrade for their fleet.



ASR Refreshed the entire fleet of Mobile Carts at 4 locations. This included: new Seal Shield keyboard, new Seal Shield mouse, new 22” DC Monitor, grab handles and oval handle. We added a new Handheld Scanner Bracket, completely cleaned and disinfected each FLO 1750 making them look like new. The old computer was replaced with a HP 8XXX Ultras SFF. The nursing staff was very happy with their Refreshed WOWs (Workstation on Wheels) and the IT group has had fewer calls than ever. This Technology Refresh helped keep those FLO carts rolling and just greatly lowered their Cost of Ownership.




successSuccess Story

Client Needs Complete Mobile Cart Annual Maintenance Plan for their WOWs and Batteries.

ASR stepped in to support a local client to maintain their fleet of about 200 Mobile Carts. These consist of FLO 1750s, FLO 1760s and FLO 1800s with a variety of battery technologies. Some have Anton Bauer NiMH batteries, most have PowerVar NiMH batteries and the remaining have the new LiNano batteries. The Mobile Cart fleet needed replacement components due to constant use and need Preventative Maintenance. This included: new fans, casters, handles, cabling, switches, keyboards, mice and miscellaneous screws, nuts and bolts.


Mobile Carts MaintenanceResults:

ASR developed a plan for battery replacement coupled with a total cart clean and disinfect. To support all of the other components on the WOWs (Workstation on Wheels), we keep commonly used parts and pieces on-site to reduce down time. We physically report to the site at least once each week to evaluate, repair, support and return down WOWs to the floor.

Our hands-on approach here was fully customized to the client’s needs and budget. Our role greatly reduced the workload of the IT Department and minimized downtime. The ASR Maintenance Plan in place here completely off loaded the WOW pain to this Health System equating to BIG SAVINGS.




successSuccess Story

Client Needs Mobile Carts Immediately for Labor and Delivery.

ASR worked with a Health System in Atlanta with an immediate need for 6 carts for the L & D Department. We have supplied many Carts to them. They were under the gun to keep from temporarily going back to paper and really did not want to wait the 4 weeks for the new carts to arrive, if at all possible. The IT Department is trying to make the nurses in that department efficient and happy.

Mobile Carts Success



ASR suggested that we LOAN them 6 carts until the new ones arrive from the factory. We have specifically built these for that purpose. We installed their preferred Technology inside a Loaner Cart and we outfitted them with a new keyboard, a new mouse, a new 22” monitor and scanner bracket.

ASR picked up their computers they had on hand, installed them in our refurbished Loaner Carts and delivered them in less than 1 week. Now, that is Great Customer Service! ASR stepped up again to reduce the pain of the IT Department and helped out the Labor and Delivery nurses, too.

The ASR Loaner Cart fleet is a huge VALUE to our Healthcare clients when they are needed.




successSuccess Story

Client Needs Wall Arms for new Emergency Department. Under a tight schedule for an Opening for ED, Wall Arms are needed and Professionally Installed…Pronto!


ASR responded to the need of a large Health System in west Georgia. From start to finish took less than 1 month. We quickly found that a previous Wall Arm supplier had sold another Wall Arm product there and the workmanship for installation was shoddy. ASR‘s technicians professionally installed each MetroMount Wall Arm unit, added the monitor, keyboard mouse and PC before releasing it to the IT Department for connectivity to the network. These Wall Arms used have a Lifetime Warranty and should outlive the facility.MetroMount Wall Arm


Client opened ED on schedule and will look to ASR for their other locations needing/replacing Wall Arms. They know the value of our professional technical services in Point of Care.


successSuccess Story

Aging Mobile Cart Fleet is in need of Repair and Upgrading. Nursing is not real happy with their Carts or their performance.

ASR responded to the need of this Health System with a complete hands on program to refresh, repair and upgrade their aging fleet of 400+ Mobile Carts.service


Phase I – We went in and completely refreshed/sanitized each Cart.  While refreshing the Cart, we check all components thoroughly and perform a detailed Preventive Maintenance Service. Then, we audit each Cart capturing all Serial Numbers of each component.  In our report, we identified items on the Cart that needed replacing or repair.  This could include: Casters, Power Cord, Pneumatic Cylinder or handles. From that data, we created a quote to perform the service on site in the near future.  We also included upgrade costs for new 24″ Monitors, Seal Shield Keyboards and Seal Shield Mice.

Phase II – Our Techs went on site with all necessary Parts, Upgrade components Data Sheet for each Cart.  The audit sheet show the location of each cart making them easy to find.  Once we find the Cart, the Nurses often line up to get “theirs done next”.  The love this part because they feel they are getting a new Mobile Cart.

Heaalthcare setting


The entire fleet is now fully documented, refreshed and upgraded with the latest Technology.  The Return on Investment (ROI) has been greatly extended.  IT is happy with less Trouble Tickets, Nursing is happy using a Refreshed Cart and Accounting is ecstatic with how little was spent.  A side benefit is how the Health System is perceived from patients, their family and friend in seeing a refreshed Cart from ASR.

ASR is clearly the Best Option for every Health System to supply, support and maintain their Mobile Carts, Telehealth Carts, Dual Monitor Carts, Wall Arms and Wall Cabinets.  We know Point-of-Care!


successSuccess Story

Client going with EPIC needs many more Mobile Carts but has limited Budget…and in a Hurry! 

ASR responded to the need of a large Health System in Georgia. 


 ASR‘s technicians professionally refurbished and outfitted 70 Mobile Carts with new Monitors, Keyboards, Mice, Printers, Badge Readers and Barcode Scanners.  We were able to deliver shipments to them when they needed them, saving valuable space in Receiving and IT. Great communication and Customer Service were key in this project. Now, continued Support and Service helps them keep the “Carts Rolling”.