Refresh Service Plan

ASR offers complete Computer on Wheels cleaning/maintenance/support services to our clients. We service technicianwill spend about an hour on each cart thoroughly going through our maintenance checklist and cleaning/refresh regiment.

We capture pertinent data and create an Audit Report of every Mobile Cart, location, condition and serial number. 

The benefits for the hospital include: stretching the ROI of existing equipment through preventative maintenance vs. acquiring new carts, presenting a visually clean unit to staff/patients/visitors, preventing spread of disease (Infection Control), repair problems promptly and reducing down time.













ASR Preventative Maintenance Checklist:

  • Clean all power components and fan units
  • Check monitor for clarity and functionalitycheck-list
  • Tighten/Adjust all wheel assemblies and caster locks
  • Check keyboard and mouse functionality
  • Tighten/Adjust all bolts and mechanical assemblies
  • Check/Adjust all hydraulic assemblies
  • Check all drawers and locking mechanisms
  • Inspect all electrical assemblies and IT components
  • Clean entire assembly and remove gummed smudges, tape, etc.
  • Attach label identifying service date for warranty/maintenance status


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We specialize in FLO, Metro, TouchPoint Medical, Rubbermaid, Capsa Healthcare, GCX and DataCart but can service others too!