Maintenance Service Plans

ASR offers many options for Maintenance on their Mobile Carts. We are flexible with your specific needs and can tailor a plan that fits your vision and budget. Let’s look at by the age of the carts. Most Health Systems will have a combination of both older Mobile Carts and newer Mobile Carts.


New Carts

  • Extended Warranty Options – Up to 5 Year coverage
  • Preventative Maintenance– Plans from Manufacturer or ASR include Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Visits



Older Carts

  • ASR Drop Ship Maintenance Plan – drop ship replacement components to client
  • ASR On-Site Maintenance Plan – repair Mobile Carts with replacement parts on-site
  • ASR Customized Plan – we will cover and service any component or the entire cart – You design the plan

service technician


maintenanceASR On-Site Plans include Periodic Preventative Maintenance where we:


  • Clean all power components and fan units
  • Check monitor for clarity and functionality
  • Tighten/Adjust all wheel assemblies and caster locks
  • Check keyboard and mouse functionality
  • Tighten/Adjust all bolts and mechanical assemblies
  • Check/Adjust all hydraulic assemblies
  • Check all drawers and locking mechanisms
  • Inspect all electrical assemblies and IT components
  • Clean entire assembly and remove gummed smudges, tape, etc.
  • Complete Audit Data Report and share with client




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We specialize in Metro, Rubbermaid, Capsa Solutions and DataCart but can service others too!