Rubbermaid CareLink M48 Computer Cart

Rubbermaid CareLink M48 Computer CartHEALTHCARE

CareLink Mobile Nurse Station

Connecting IT and nursing in ways never before possible, CareLink is taking mobile computing to the next level with connections, shortcuts and resources right at your fingertips.

CareLink™ Mobile Nurse Station

Saves time

Saves time

Carelinks 7” glass touch- screen enables improved communications and personal preferences.





Easy to move

Easy to move

With N-Stride steer assist, Carelink is virtually effortless to maneuver and control




Intelligent Platform

Intelligent platform

Remote fleet management with no software to install or maintain

Saves time

CareLink is designed around the daily routines and workflow of today’s healthcare providers. The mobile nursing station includes ergonomic features and workflow solutions to accommodate and lessen the rigorous day-to-day tasks associated with providing personal care. CareLink can reduce fatigue, frustration and stress with a nurses’s every step.

CareLink puts shortcuts, department connections and important resources right at a nurse’s fingertips.

With a tap of the screen, CareLink adjusts to your standing or seated presets. Access your personal preset on any cart within your fleet.

3-square feet of work surface collapses as necessary, includes a right/left hand mouse pad and a fully adjustable keyboard tray to provide additional workspace at the bedside.

Send and receive messages from patient bedside to various departments with a few taps of the screen.

Easy to move

CareLink’s design is based on input from nurses. The features they described as being useful and valuable such as maneuverability and longer battery life, have all been built in.

Monitor has full height adjustment and rotates to the side to eliminate vision blockage during travel.

5 inch casters roll easier and faster, even crossing carpets and thresholds effortlessly.

CareLink is designed with best-in-class bi-position handles, plus a handle on the back to turn and maneuver in tight spaces.

N-Stride drive assist helps nurses control CareLink around corners without slowing pace.

Intelligent platform

The CareLink Mobile Nursing Station is equipped with onboard computer functionality to transmit cart data and user information to keep your fleet running at optimal performance. CareLink provides a secure, versatile connection between the IT and nursing staff.

With the on-board touchscreen computer display, see battery stats, secure PIN-code login, remote messaging center, calculator, and analyzation tools to manage patient flow.

Manage your fleet remotely through pushed software updates, security and PIN code settings, and utilization data

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