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Modul Port

Strong and Flexible on task intensive care, Operating room, Patient monitoring

The stationary carrier system modul-port strong on the ground, flexible in application

ITD GmbH does not only offer classical mobile device carriers and various pivot and support arms for medical technology, but also the universal stationary carrier system modul-port. The system builds on the basis of the ITD carrier profile and can where expedient be shipped in three versions with different heights and load capacities. The modul-portä is moreover also optionally available with mechanical or electrical height adjustment.

Various system components and Wall Arm accessories, among others shelves, drawers, keyboard brackets or standard rails can be incorporated into the T-slots on the front of the profile in the 32 mm mounting grid, which enables the carrier profile to be easily expanded into a customized carrier system that is tailored to your individual needs.

Due to the various mounting and application possibilities the desired system can be mounted directly on the wall, on the ceiling, flexibly incorporated into the workplaces or also be deployed as free standing equipment in the room. Thanks to the many adjustment and complementary features, new challenges can quickly be dealt with; the system thereby provides a high degree of reliability for the future. Use the Modul Port as a Patient Monitor, ICU Monitor, Operation Monitor, X-Ray Monitor or Emergency Monitor.

System components and accessories

All system components and accessories are specially developed for medical technology use and meet all necessary requirements.

Due to the consistent compatibility and modularity of all mobile and stationary device carriers, each carrier system can as a consequence be equipped individually. The ITD program is moreover so extensive that virtually any equipment wish can already be fulfilled in the standard version. Cages are used for storing small materials and various power strips with matching plug removal locks provide for a necessary and reliable electrification.


Modul-Port is a medical product of class 1 pursuant to Directive 93/42 EEC.


The “Economy” and “Profi” versions have two support extrusions with different heights and load capacities for attachment to the wall up to a maximum of 1920 mm or 150 kg. The cost-effective “Economy” version is in conformity with all the aspirations of a functional, stationary support system and is able to easily accommodate small cable volumes and all the standard system components and accessories, e.g. country-specific socket strips. The “Profi” support extrusion features by expanded cable management.

The easy to maintain design, as well as cover strips for the sealing unused profile areas, also ensures easy and quick cleaning by wiping.

Different applications and infrastructures

Modul-Port offers all the prerequisites for a wide range of different applications. The stationary support system provides a range of different adapters to offer an appropriate solution for attachment to an existing infrastructure, e.g. to a wall supply duct, vertical and horizontal standard runner or a support bar.

The carrier system can also be mounted on ceilings, walls, at workstations or free-standing in the workplace.

This allows modul-port to be tailored flexibly to a diverse range of work situations and areas of application, e.g. in intensive medicine, in emergency rooms or in documentation.

Adaptation options

The modularity of the stationary modul-port carrier system enables it to be adapted at any time to each individual work environment with the addition of numerous system components and accessory components. Adaptations might include support arms for additional ergonomic comfort, mounting of additional equipment or more space for accommodating a wide range of medical equipment.

The system’s flexibility is also demonstrated by the capability to accommodate manufacturer-specific equipment with special holders and adapter panels. modul-port also offers cost-effective adaptation options through attachment to existing systems manufactured by major manufacturers, e.g. ceiling lamps.



  • Mechanical height adjustment
  • Electrical height adjustment
  • Carrier systems for Philips XDS Modul-Port delivers additional ergonomic comfort to users with integrated mechanical height adjustment. 
  • Two versions are available with a maximum loading of 3-10 kg / 6.6-22 lbs and 10-16 kg / 22-35.2 lbs.Payload (height adjustment): 3-10 kg / 6.6-22lbs (TS.9040.991) or 10-16 kg / 22-35.2 lbs (TS.9041.991).

System components and accessories

The monitor holders have been designed for a total monitor weight of 14 / 18 kg // 30.8 / 39.6 lbs and also have the following features:

Unique selling points that give ITD products a distinct profile

The objective of ITD is to react promptly to the latest market and environmental requirements. The aim is to allow our customers to exploit new opportunities for success. This is why we are dedicated to channeling our experience and our “craft assets” – innovative excellence, technical expertise sense of appealing design into our products. ITD creates new benchmarks. Our products feature attributes like modularity, ergonomic design and quality. They are supported by service and customization. This powerful combination generates product solutions that meet all the challenges faced by our sophisticated customers.

Modul-Port Applications

X-ray diagnosis
Internal medicine
Nappy-change station
Baby monitoring
Intensive care medicine
Monitoring area in the accident / emergency department

Modularity – smart and individual The standard building-block system permits individual and cost effective configurations. ƒ The modular support systems can be upgraded at any time. This permits prompt reactions to new demands in the marketplace and guarantees future-proof investments. ƒThe variability of height and width combined with an extensive range of generic accessories overarching all product lines to meet diverse needs and requirements. ƒSimple design can be autonomously created by using our online product configurator.

Ergonomic design – adaptable and natural ƒCustomized work areas, extensive radius of activity and generous height-adjustment option guarantee perfect ergonomic working conditions and natural posture. ƒRounded corners and safety devices (e.g. locking lever) prevent risk of injury.

Color versions

The basic color of all ITD products is RAL 7035 (light grey).

Basic color RAL 7035 (light grey)

All decorative elements on the stationary carrier system Modul-Port handles on shelves or corners on drawers,are – depending on the customer requirement – available in different colors Standard colors for the stationary carrier system Modul-Port are:

Decorative trim RAL 5013 (cobalt blue)
Decorative trim RAL 5021 (water blue)


Decorative trim RAL 7035 (light grey)


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