MetroFLO RX Cart with Single Bin Access

Discontinued, but we support them.

A popular option for the MetroFLO 1770 Computer Cart is the RX module. The RX module has many choices for drawer size and bin size. It is capable of up to 12 patient bins. These bins are a smoked clear color so contents can be easily seen and are unbreakable. They also have Microban in them to prevent bacteria growth.

Use with EPIC, Cerner or McKesson and the RX Models work well with Acudose, Pyxis or Omnicell.

The RX module can be accessed by keypad or touch screen software. The MetroFLO RX unit also has Single Bin Access capabilities.

The MetroFLO 1770 RX Cart with the only Medical Cart available with


Select bin on touchscreen or scan patient armband to only open the correct bin for that patient. This promotes PATIENT SAFETY, a HISTORY LOG and builds ACCOUNTABILITY. With 2000 different user logins and ability to assign bins to specific patients, the RX module is a fantastic tool for Point-of-Care using FLO RX Computer Carts on Wheels.

Power is delivered by 3 different type batteries options…all sharing the same charging unit. If your budget is tight, you can enter into a lower lifespan battery and simply upgrade to the premium battery later. That is a great option…only from Metro. Look to ASR for Medical Carts or sometimes called Medical Computer Carts for your Health System.





Best Power in the Industry

Infection Control – Made with MICROBAN

Ergonomics – Ease of Use

Metro SecureRx + MedDispense


Contact ASR for more information about the 1770 RX Med Cart.