MetroFLO Laptop Cart with Microban

Discontinued, but we support them.

MetroFLO 1570 Laptop Carts are lightweight (only 61lbs.), have a small footprint and are budget FLO Laptop Cartminded. They are manufactured with the Anti-Microbial, Microban to inhibit bacteria growth and transfer. We supply a Seal Shield washable keyboard and Seal Shield washable mouse to round out the Laptop Cart Infection Control plan.

You will notice that this Laptop Cart base and chassis are identical to the FLO Hospital Cart…thus can be FIELD UPGRADED to a Documentation Cart or Charting Cart by just adding a monitor mount, charger/battery, monitor and some cabling. This helps you as your needs evolve in the future. No other Laptop Manufacturer does that. This greatly increases your ROI!

The MetroFLO 1570 Laptop Cart has a full range of height adjustment…from seated position to standing…at your fingertips.

These are perfect for small Practices or Clinics as they fit into tight spaces. Laptops from any manufacturer fit perfectly or how about adding a laptop with touchscreen or iPad? Ask us how.

MetroFLO 1570 Laptop Carts come 3 ways: DC Powered, AC Powered and Non-Powered. Most prefer Non-Powered and simply use the battery on board from the laptop or tablet…use it all morning, charge over lunch and use all afternoon.

NEW: We now have an external battery solution that will give you about 10 hours each day without mid-day recharging! Everything you need comes out of the box…just add a laptop. Ask us how.

FLO Laptop Carts

These are heavy duty, well made Laptop Carts that you will see at many Health Systems. Why would you trust an expensive laptop in a budget stick cart when you could have a sturdy and stable MetroFLO Laptop Cart? These come with 3 YEAR WARRANTY and are MADE TO LAST!

Many accessories are available to customize your carts to make them more efficient. Ergonomic Keyboard Trays (standard), Accessory Rails (standard), Baskets, Chart Racks, Cabinet with Drawer(s) and Med Cup Holders are just a few.


Basket for FLO 1750Med Cup Holder



Chart Holder










FLO Laptop Cart


Use with EPIC, Cerner, or McKesson and the RX Models work well with Pyxis or Omnicell.

Best Power in the Industry Infection Control – MICROBAN Ergonomics – Ease of Use

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