MetroFLO Base Cart

Discontinued, but we support them and offer these as a completely Refurbished FLO 1760R.

The MetroFLO Base Medical Cart is the perfect Point-of-Care tool for all Health Systems. It can be customized with many options for ultimate performance. These EHR Carts or Nurse Carts are easy to push and have MICROBAN. FLO Healthcare has led the industry with their FLO Mobile Carts with anti-microbial since 2006!

The MetroFLO battery technology lead the industry with their LiNano batteries. They are rated for over 7000 cycles…that is over 6 years using it 3 shifts per day…almost 10 years using it 2 shifts per day!

The MetroFLO Base Nursing Cart can be easily upgraded in the field. Thus, you won’t be replacing these every 3 years as you find with our competitor’s disposable carts. This plan keeps your existing FLO Cart rolling years longer. This FLO EHR Cart or Nurse Cart has the lowest Cost of Ownership in the industry.

field upgradable

flo base cart in usePower is delivered by 3 different type batteries options… all sharing the same charging unit. If your budget is tight, you can enter into a lower lifespan battery and simply upgrade to the premium battery later. That is a great option.

Use with EPIC, Cerner, or McKesson and the RX Models work well with Pyxis or Omnicell.

Best Power in the Industry

Infection Control – Made with MICROBAN

Ergonomics – Ease of Use


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flo base cart