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MF Port

Multifunctional intensive care, operation theatre, patient monitoring and much more


Pivot and support arms – multifunctional and comfortable

MF-Port pivot and support arms are characterized by variability, robustness and reliability. Thanks to the maximum load of 23 kg, a wide range of accessories and ease of use, the MF-Port arms can be customized into effective mounting systems for your medical technology that convince on account of reliability and longevity in routine clinical practice.  They are commonly used as a ICU Monitor, Patient Monitor or Operation Monitor.

The large range of MF Port Wall Arm accessories from cable hooks through to swiveling shelves, offers a variety of options for the customization of entire medical technology system landscapes. The seamless ease of upgradeability to take account of new equipment or market requirements ensures a future-proof installation. The MF-Port arms are designed for the medical technology market in accordance with the strictest requirements placed on quality and hygiene and thus meet the needs of many users in hospitals, clinics and medical practices.


MF-Port is a medical product of class 1 pursuant to Directive 93/42 EEC.




Pivot and support arms

MF-Port pivot and support arms are available in three different versions, as a rigid support arm, single or double-pivot arm in various length variations. mf-port arms are thus suitable for use in hospitals, clinics and medical practices, for the most diverse requirements. mf-port pivot and support arms are made of extruded aluminum profiles and have a payload capacity of up to 23 kg. The T-slots that are integrated into the arm profiles ensure the quick and easy securing of accessories and system components. Thanks to the robust, powder-coated surfaces, mf-port arms are resistant against corrosive detergents and as such remain functional and visually appealing over many years.

Universal device support and modular connectivity

Medical devices from different manufacturers and weight classes can be mounted on to the mf-port arms. A standard selection is as such offered that allows one to opt for the receptacle on the VESA 75/100 interface, the universal adapter or the Table Top Mount Adapter, and optionally also the integration of a keyboard holder. Specific adapter plates and further accessory parts are available on request. Due to the various connectivity options the mf-port can always be seamlessly connected to existing infrastructure, and thus thereby increases the responsiveness to new needs and requirements of the user. Connections to corresponding carrier systems on horizontal or vertical standard runner, round tubes with diameters of 25-42 mm, ITD-carrier profiles as well as further vendor-specific adaptations, are always possible. The connection to mobile equipment carts is usually carried out on the corresponding vertical profiles or on special cross-members.

Cable management and adjustable swivel joints

On account of the large-volume cable ducts on the underside of the mf-port pivot and support arms, data and power cables can be led to each device in a seamlessly simple and straightforward manner. The cable ducts provide for quick access, which means the initial and subsequent installation can be done easily and securely on site. Thanks to the integrated strain relief, the cables are well protected from being accidentally pulled out.

The adjustment of the steering heaviness is carried out over ergonomic controls and is at any time possible for the respective user in a user-friendly manner, without using tools. The swivel joints can be adjusted continuously, thus ensuring an easy adjustment, such as for the fixable transport position in the case of mobile applications. The swivel range of +/- 80 degrees ensures a large radius of action and functional layout of the work area, also in the case of tightly dimensioned space.

Modularity and ergonomic design

Unique selling points that give ITD products a distinct profile

The objective of ITD is to react promptly to the latest market and environmental requirements. The aim is to allow our customers to exploit new opportunities for success. This is why we are dedicated to channeling our experience and our “craft assets” – innovative excellence, technical expertise sense of appealing design into our products. ITD creates new benchmarks. Our products feature attributes like modularity, ergonomic design and quality. They are supported by service and customization. This powerful combination generates product solutions that meet all the challenges faced by our sophisticated customers.


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