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Flexion Port

Versatile and flexible intensive care, operation theatre, patient monitoring, functional diagnostic, and much more

The height adjustable support arm system flexion-port – versatile in its versions, impressive in its details 

The height-adjustable, support arm system Flexion-Port is characterized by versatile options of mounting and application. In an appealing design, through its modular system construction and comprehensive accessory program, it provides a tailor-made solution and quick adaptation to new situations for practically all requirements.

Flexion-Port is – depending on requirement – available with different loading capacities, as well as in different designs, et al. available with VESA 75 / 100 adaption and can accept diverse monitors. Because of its availability in three lengths, an optional pivoting arm and its modular linking to existing infrastructure, it can be adapted to any individual requirements with no problem. In addition, it distinguishes itself through well-conceived technical details, such as, e.g. integrated cable management, design interfaces for color adaptation or individual weight adjustments.

Flexion-Port is a class 1 medical product and is hence in conformity with Directive 93 / 42 EEC.

Tilt and swivel unit with VESA 75 / 100 and spring force assistance

There is the novel “VESA 75 / 100” adaptation available for the mounting of units, such as, e.g. monitors, on the height-adjustable, support arm system flexion-port. With a payload of up to 14 kg / 30.8 lbs, this not only permits the usual inclination of +/- 20° and rotation of +/- 80°, but also provides +/- 5° degree rotation. Thus, display misalignment can be compensated for using a simple handle. The spring force assistance offers an effortless lifting of even heavy screens. Furthermore, monitors can be inclined (upwards and downwards) with the same low effort and also easily, reliable and correct positioned without additional locking effort.

Adjustable load range and pivot joints Due to a gas spring strut, the support arm system is not only always maintained suspended, but can easily be locked in each required position using an ergonomic operating handle (“braking function”). Thus, the highest safety and extensive convenience is ensured, e.g. especially during installation or replacing units.

Similar operation can also be observed in combination with an additional attached pivoting arm: here, its own locking lever, on the underside of the pivot joint, provides an infinitely variable mechanical friction setting and, thereby, provides a fixable position for transportation, e.g. for mobile applications.

Different application and adaption options

Flexion-Port offers all the prerequisites for a wide range of different applications. The variable height support system provides a range of different adapters to offer an appropriate solution for attachment to an existing infrastructure, e.g to vertical and horizontal standard runners, manufacturer-specific standards, poles or for mounting on the support column or on the vertical extrusion of different ITD equipment-carts.

The modularity of the variable height carrier system flexion-port enables it to be adapted at any time to each individual work environment with the addition of numerous system components and accessory components, e. g. rotatable posts or protective covers. So, flexion-port is highly adaptable to continuously changing requirements and developments and allows also highly flexible application..

Monitor holders

The variable height support arms flexion-port are available with the new tilt and swivel unit with VESA 75 / 100 Adaption (and spring force assistance). 

Flexion-Port Applications

Flexion-Port on ceiling (application ICU / OR)
Flexion-Port w/keyboard holder on pivot arm

Color versions

The basic color of all ITD products is RAL 7035 (light grey).

Basic color RAL 7035 (light grey)


Decorative trim RAL 5013 (Kobaltblau)
Decorative trim RAL 5021 (Wasserblau)


Decorative trim RAL 7035 (Lichtgrau)
Decorative trim RAL 5015 (Himmelblau)


Decorative trim RAL 1003 (Signalgelb)

Ergonomic design – adaptable and natural ƒCustomized work areas, extensive radius of activity and generous height-adjustment option guarantee perfect ergonomic working conditions and natural posture. ƒRounded corners and safety devices (e.g. locking lever) prevent risk of injury.


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