DC Monitors for Mobile Computing

ASR features Planar and Iiyama Monitors for your Computer on Wheels. These are the standard choices for FLO and Lionville Mobile Carts. They have reinforced VESA mounts to better handle their mobility on COWs. These are DC powered and we recommend these because of their low power draw.

Other cart manufacturers use standard AC powered monitors which require a power robbing inverter. Why shortchange the battery life each day when the nursing staff needs it?

The new DC Powered, Iiyama 24″ LED Monitors are in stock and work very well with any Mobile Cart.

EPIC users require 22″ or 24″ monitors on their Medical Carts. We have installed well over 1000 of them, replacing undersized 17″, 19″ and 20″ monitors.


liyama Monitors

iiyama ProLite B2480HS-W2 24


Planar Monitor


Planar Monitor


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