Capsa – FirstDose Medication Cabinet


Stat & Starter Dose Systems For Long-Term Care, Nursing Homes and Hospitals. An Alternative To Expensive Automated Medical Dispensing Cabinets For Healthcare.

FirstDose delivers key improvements to common Starter / Stat Dose Systems with a modern cloud based software featuring a pharmacy system interface for Long-Term Care and Hospital Facilities.

Significantly improves charge capture and billing accountability for Hospitals and Long-Term CareMaintains off-site inventory count to ensure medication management and availabilityMedication expiry date tracking improves safety and reduces wasteFulfillment reporting feature enables on-demand replenishment of medications and supports minimal inventoryLowers pharmacy costs associated with on-call or emergency medication deliveries

Simple, common sense alternative to expensive automated medication dispensing cabinets and
specifically designed for nursing home and long-term care settings.

Safer, modern alternative to ‘tackle box’ systems commonly used in extended care settingsMaintains organized medication inventory that can be arranged to pharmacy and facility preferencesInnovative security and locking system permits defined access roles and processes for pharmacy and clinical staff, including keyless narcotics controlPowerful all-in-one computer features large, crisp interface with touchscreen optionsAttractive, modern appearance and clean lines blend in a variety of healthcare settings and design stylesAvailable in standard configurations to accommodate high or low density on-site medication inventories

With FirstDose, you can custom design the reporting and accountability tracking to meet your workflow and process requirements.


FirstDose™ Medication Management System

Modern Starter Dose Kit | Integrated Stat Dose eKit Medication Cabinet

“Capsa’s alternative” to the expensive Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet

A Features large screen All-In-One computer toComputer Medication Management System
ensure ease-of-use

B Choose from cup holder / storage, optional internal

waste container, or optional medication return & waste receptacle

C Expansive work surface and med prep area

D Slide-out work surface

E Stow-away 104-key keyboard

F Dual-credential keyless narcotic storage

G Configurable medication storage bins and

H Attractive, modern cabinet design is extremely
durable and easy-to-clean

I Transferable cassettes permit secure
restocking workflow process between
pharmacy and facility

J Storage drawers available for
for organization and stocking of supplies



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