Capsa Healthcare- AX Series Arms for Wall or Carts

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AX Series monitor arms support your EHR program for both

mobile cart-based and wall mount applications.


Improved ease-of-use ensures efficient EHR process at the point-of-care.

Ideal for computerized health records and clinical documentation on you medical carts, in the patient room, or at the nurse’s workstationDesigned to provide effortless use through a fluid range of motion that supports simplified data collection and hardware mobilityIndependent vertical keyboard adjustment allows variable relationship space between hand position and monitor position for wall mounted models. Innovative design enhances usability, function, and the overall care environment.

Fully configurable with articulating and optional fixed arm components permit you to specify the monitor arm solution that best meets your unique requirementsLightweight aluminum with hardened finish stands up to the rigors of your healthcare environment and maintains its attractive appearance over timeConcealed cable management eliminates unnecessary visual clutter and streamlines motion
Optimal value, reliability, and performance in the latest hardware monitor arm design available.

Trim-line profile can be under 8” when from the wall stored for care settings that demand compact and functional hardware mounting in the hallway or at the patient bedside90º range of articulating arm motion provides 12” of vertical monitor adjustment, 180º range of lateral motion on wall mounted models, and monitor or keyboard tray tilt in 90º positive or 20º negative direction.




Computer Monitor Arms & Wall Mounts For Medical Workstations, Hospitals & Healthcare

The AX Series Monitor Arm and Wall Mount System from Capsa Solutions lets you select
the combination of components and build your ideal health IT workstation. And with
AX Series you can be confident your workstation is reliable, functional, and easy-to-use.

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