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Select a Medical Cart specifically designed to improve the delivery of modern patient care.

The best quality healthcare depends on easy access to the right tools and supplies. Capsa Solutions puts everything clinicians need at their fingertips with a complete line of fully customizable medical carts designed to promote orderly storage and organization where it matters most.

From the seamless drawer trays and integral drawer dividers, to the virtually indestructible precision welded frames, to the high-impact panels, our medical carts deliver superior performance and value year after year. Every medical cart integrates a spread caster position, ensuring stability while making the carts easy to move and control. And the carts incorporate innovative locking systems to keep medication, treatments and supplies secure. What’s more, each cart comes with a five-year limited warranty to protect your investment.

Avalo Medical Carts

Emergency / Crash Carts
Procedure Carts
Isolation Carts
Critical Care Carts
I.V. Therapy Carts
MedSurg Carts
Standard Anesthesia
AC Anesthesia
Treatment Carts

Accessories & Options

Defibrillator Shelf
Stable and steady, the defibrillator shelf offers multi-position motion and secure mounting of your cardiac equipment. Includes velcro strap.
Sharps Container
The external mount Sharps Collector can be placed in a number of locations on the cart.
Glove Dispenser
The Glove Dispenser accommodates standard glove boxes and can be located in a number of locations including the cart end panel and accessory bridge.
Oxygen Tank Holder
Molded high-density oxygen tank
holder withstands the rigors of an emergency care environment
without bending or breaking.
Storage Module
A convenient Multi-Cavity Storage Module organizes supplies and commonly used items within easy reach of the primary work area.
Waste Container with Lid
The large-volume Waste Container and Lid minimizes liner changes and simplifies the waste disposal process.
Writing Surface
The slide-out extended work surface greatly expands the work area and can be positioned on either side of the cart.
I.V. Pole
The optional IV Pole is securely mounted to the cart and offers adjustable height function.
Clear Top Mat
A clear top mat can protect instructional documents and simplify cart maintenance and clean-up.
Removable Drawer Tray
Features two (2) horizontal dividers and an assortment of short vertical and horizontal dividers. All dividers are moveable to create customized storage compartments.
Drawer Dividers
Integrated Drawer Dividers offer the flexibility to arrange and re-arrange the drawer contents.
Cardiac Board
The heavy-duty cardiac board features a quick-release retainer that ensures a secure mount when not in use.

Tracking Wheel
The addition of a tracking wheel provides the user with straight line directional assistance.
Bulk Storage
Keep your work surface clear of
clutter with
this large bulk storage bin.
Drawer Tag Holder
Easily define drawer contents with these changeable tag label holders.
Plug Strip Cord Holder
Allows you to conveniently store unused cord.
Plug Outlet Strip
Outfit your cart with this convenient 3-outlet power strip to facilitate
addition of AC-powered devices.

Laptop Arm & Tray
Fully adjustable and simple to use, the stable laptop arm and tray provides a secure and flexible laptop mounting platform.

Vertical Drawer Rail System
Flexible divider system lets you decide incremental horizontal widths with sliding vertical dividers.

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